Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Learn a New Language the Easy Way

Learning a new language can seem like such a hard task. For one thing you have to learn thousands of words in a different language that are totally new to you. To make this learning task even harder, you have to worry about the accent that is unique to each culture. Seems hard right?

If you have the dedication, and just a little bit of free time everyday, then you can overcome the words and accent problem with practice. The #1 word of advice above anything else is you must practice speaking your new language daily. I cannot emphasize this fact enough.

Quick short story. I have tried learning a new language in the past, using books that allow me to trace letters over and over again, so I can use them to make words. I got somewhat advanced, you can say I got up to the 3rd or 4th grade level, but pretty soon I stopped practicing daily. When I did that, I also stopped using the new language on my day to day vocabulary and I started forgetting the language altogether. Let this be a lesson to you that learning a language over a few months will come to no use if you stop using it even for a few weeks. Once you implement this new language into your daily lifestyle, you will be sure to grab on to new words easier and have no problem with the accent.

To learn a language the fundamental way, you can either read a book, hear an audiobook, or have a tutor who practices talking with you in the language of your choice.

In the new world of doing everything at home, we now have language training and translation software like Babylon and RosettaStone, which enable us to learn new languages at accelerated speeds. Whats the downside? Only cost, and the time you need to spare to learn.

These free & paid programs teach you how to learn a new language easily, because they break it down to the very fundamentals, and build your language skills and confidence from the ground up. You can learn even better by including both vision and hearing to your learning method, so you retain the information longer.

If you want to learn the quick and free way, get online and start reading websites from the language of your choice. Then have free tools on the side like Yahoo Babel Fish or Google Translate to quickly translate any words or sentences you are not familiar with. When you have the quick comparing of words from one language to another, you remember how the sentences work.

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